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Forced Eruption
Forced Eruption

Forced Eruption is the treatment which saves one’s own teeth by moving the root of the tooth, which is buried in gum due to harsh corrosion of cavity or wound, upward to the body and wrapping artificial crown rather than extracting the tooth out. This method can be carried out when the cavity is decayed less than 5mm down to the boundary of gum or when the root of the tooth is broken less than 1/2 due to wound. One can save natural tooth and the treatment is done to anterior teeth with 1 or 2 root and small molar.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Forced Eruption costs approximately half and takes 1/3 shorter time compared to the implant, so fewer pressure is required. However it is difficult to undergo the procedure when the root is rotted more than 5mm, broken more than half due to wound, and more than one.

1. The exact diagnosis is done by taking x-rays to see how much the damage of the root is. The root of the tooth is moved upper side of the gum when the damage is less than 5mm under the boundary of gum or less than 1/2 of the length of root.
2. The root is moved upper side of the gum and the lead is placed in the middle of tooth so as to raise and fix the tooth.
3. The supplement is placed on the tooth and Forced Eruption is done.
Updated, October 29,2013 at 17:48 p.m.
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